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AP World/APUSH Test Prep involves reviewing all manners of AP testing, including samples of multiple choice questions and various essay prompts. The scores represent understanding of test materials. A score of five is the best score a student can receive, and one is the lowest. Below: a sample of my recent student scores. Results from all students taking the test in the US: an average of 8% receive fives and 15% receive fours.  Of note, a 3 is still considered a good score by AP guidelines.

2023 APUSH 

Jason, 5; London, 5; Connor, 5, Mythri, 5; Richard, 3; Justin, 3; Mac, 3


Derrick, 3; Andrew, 4; Pratyay, 4; Eshaan, 5


Jack, 4; Jason, 5;  Katherine, 5; Devraj, 4; Shrish, 4; London, 4; Amruth, 4; Alex, 4; Henry, 3

2022 APUSH

Ruhani, 5; Devraj, 4; Nic, 3


Richard, 5; Morgan, 5; Sarah, 5

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Whether playing soccer games by the cane fields in Belize or teaching to the inquisitive minds of North Carolinian high schoolers, my personal and professional life has been about learning, teaching, adventures and experiences. 

Serving in the Peace Corps as a PE and sports coordinator, in addition to a Western Civ teacher for a junior college, I quickly developed an affinity to educate and coach. Upon my return to the US, and with an MAT (Master in Arts and Teaching), I became a public school teacher. For 24 years I taught a wide range of classes, from AP World History (a staple), to ESL (quite helpful), and even World Philosophies (Kant and Kierkegaard are so cool!). 

I retired from the classroom and moved permanently online as a tutor in June, 2020 and the transition has been wonderful. I tutor high schoolers all over the world, specializing in AP World History, AP US History, World History and test prep for AP exams. 

When I’m not tutoring, you’ll find me reading (a variety of genres, but autobiographies are a favorite), exercising (cycling, running, hiking), learning new things (I’m taking piano lessons right now), coaching youth soccer (for over 30 years) and playing with my rescue cat, Roxanne. Traveling is another fascination; I’ve visited 14 countries and 34 states to date. My 16 year-old daughter is a wonderful travel companion and has joined me on trips to Europe, Ecuador,  and Canada. I also volunteer as a driver for a local nonprofit organization, transporting people to work. 

Though teaching and tutoring are two separate animals, I can say unequivocally that I have enjoyed working with students on both fronts; however, online tutoring has been amazing. It allows me to work with high schoolers all over the world, giving me the opportunity to learn about them and their cultures, too!

I look forward to working with your child and helping them develop a deeper knowledge, understanding and appreciation of history (especially discussing the Ottoman Empire!).

Roger Mueller,

Do you recognize this landscape?  This is the Mongolian Steppe, where Genghis Khan united the various tribes and began to expand outward creating the largest contiguous empire in history.  

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