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WORLD history

 No, Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day - instead it commemorates the Battle of Puebla - fought on May 5, 1862 against invading French forces.  Ignacio Zaragosa led the day - and Mexico saw victory and eventually expelled France from Mexico!   Viva Mexico libre!  

THT says:  Luther's dramatic address at the Diet of Worms in the Holy Roman Empire in May of 1521. He may not have said "Here I stand..." but the gist of what he actually said in May of 1521 was ultimately profound for Roman Catholicism and what would become Protestantism. Not to mention the future unified Germany! But that's another 350 years away!

THT says:  A fascinating documentary about the rise of the Mongols, with Temujin leading the way. The Mongols were a lot of things - not the least of which, bloodthirsty. But along with that desire for pasturelands and empire, was a sense of egalitarianism and tolerance. 

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