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Volodymyr Zelenskyy

President of Ukraine Born January 25, 1978

Biographical, political and professional background - Assumed office 20 May 2019 - Political party: Independent Party - Other political affiliation: Servant of the People - Other professions: Comedian, actor, voice-actor, director, producer - Grew up a native Russian speaker in Kryvyi Rih in central Ukraine - Educated as a lawyer with a degree from Kyiv National Economic University - Born Jewish, Zelenskyy’s grandfather was only one of four brothers to survive the Nazi occupation of Ukraine during WWII. Of note, Putin has ordered the Ukraine attack claiming to want to to “denazify” the country - Raised in an “ordinary Soviet Jewish family” Political stances, goings-on, including economic views - Fought against exclusion of Russian culture and language from Ukraine consistently - Supported the Maidan Uprising of November, 2013 as a mandate for Ukraine joining both the UN and NATO - During his 2019 presidential campaign, he supported Ukrainian inclusion in the UN and NATO. Has since “cooled” on joining NATO. Has also proposed referendums to allow the voters to decide on joining those two organizations

- Zelenskyy's wish is to create "a strong, powerful, free Ukraine, which is not the younger sister of Russia, which is not a corrupt partner of Europe, but our independent Ukraine" - Has recently sanctioned the changes of Soviet-era monuments and streets to that of Ukrainian figures and heroes - Has supported Azerbaijan in its claims over disputed territory against Armenia in October, 2020: "We support Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and sovereignty just as Azerbaijan always supports our territorial integrity and sovereignty" - Has been criticized for not following up on his anti-corruption pledges - And has been seen as “too weak” in dealing with Vladimir Putin - Before being elected he said in an interview with Vice News that he wanted to end the conflict in the eastern Donbas region, “because we don’t want our people to perish anymore” - Urged by then-President Trump to investigate current President Biden’s son soon after Zelenskyy was sworn in as president of Ukraine in April of 2019 - Has become Russia’s (Putin’s) “target No. 1,” but refuses to flee the capital, hence earning the respect of much of the “free” world - Has been likened to Winston Churchill in Britain’s defense against the German Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain - Zelenskyy delivers an emotional plea to Congress: ‘I call on you to do more’

“We have proven our strength,” Zelenskyy said to the European Parliament in an address March 21, 2022. “So do prove that you are with us. Prove that you will not let us go. Prove that you indeed are Europeans.”

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